Pregis Corporation: Technical support system for protective packaging systems

The predictive PX3 tech support system from Pregis Corp. combines software, personnel, parts management, and a 24/7 service hot line to maintain and service foam-in-place, air cushioning, and paper-based protective packaging equipment, and anticipate and predict machinery service needs before an expensive downtime event occurs.

Pw 51338 Pregis Px3 System

The PX3 system supports the company’s entire line of protective packaging equipment including the IntelliPack foam-in-place line, AirSpeed air cushioning, and Quantum Geospeed paper units.

For the company’s IntelliPack foam-in-place equipment, new cellular connectivity (vs. analog) for its SmartBagger unit allows a telemetry function to feed back real-time operating data to a remote PX3 dashboard.  Based on predetermined metrics, service personnel are given an early warning of a potential problem.

With its air cushioning equipment, the company’s extensive database is able to predict when certain parts should be switched out before they fail. The objective is to be able to execute the service within minutes when the line isn’t operating vs. having to call a technician after an entire line goes down.


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