Sealed Air: Smart analysis of packaging equipment

Sealed Air’s SEE Smart Service digital portfolio relies on the Device Control Link cloud-enabled technology that monitors, manages, reports, and analyzes data from interconnected sources on packaging equipment.

Dashboard image
Dashboard image

Current digital portfolio offerings built from the Device Control Link backbone include:

Preventive Maintenance Plans – routine maintenance and service needs identified through metrics captured by Device Control Link, then executed by Sealed Air technical service representatives as a way to optimize package quality and machine uptime

Remote Visual Support (concept) - additive to Preventive Maintenance Plans, remote equipment service capabilities through voice, live image and document sharing, and telestration (on-screen drawing)

Foreign Object Detection – automated, digital, multi-camera smart system that can distinguish lower density objects such as foam, plastics, rubber glove, or wood and as small as 1MM, from animal proteins

Deboning Yield Management – automated, digital, camera-based smart system that can identify and report in real-time, yield percentage by analyzing poultry carcasses after trimming by hand

Liquid Package Weight Control – automated, digital weight control system for liquid packaging that can reduce product giveaway and limit re-work related to underweight packaging

Unique Package Identification (concept) - a unique code printed directly onto packaging that allows data mining and analysis regarding a variety of issues related to processing, packaging, and distribution of a food product