Squid Ink: Ink-jet printer

Squid Ink's SQ/2® ink-jet printing system consists of a user-friendly input device, a system controller, and the option of one or two print heads.

The system utilizes the company’s patented micro-channeling technology which eliminates the need for a costly array of fluid valves. Ink simply is distributed through a series of channels, keeping production and maintenance costs to a minimum. Choose from 3 different print sizes: .75-in. (20.0 mm), .5-in. (12.7 mm) or .375-in. (9.53 mm) character height. Each printhead has the capability to print 7 x 5 or 5 x 5 dot matrix characters at speeds up to 200 ft./min. (60.8 m/min.). Optional upgrades to different size printheads in the field.
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