Beckhoff Automation: Bus terminals

Beckhoff Automation’s KM37xx Bus Terminals are pressure measuring terminals designed to record differential and absolute pressures.

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Pressure measurement is carried out using a “standard” Beckhoff Bus Terminal with a width of only 24 mm. The compact housing and simple connection system provide quick, space-saving installations. Three different pressure measuring terminals are available: the KM3701 is a 1-channel differential pressure measuring terminal that measures pressure differences up to an ambient pressure of7,000 hPa (7 bar) between points; the KM3702, a 2-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal that records pressure values between 0 and 7,000 hPa (7 bar) at each hose connector; and the KM3712, a 2-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal records negative pressure values between -1,000 hPa (-1 bar) and 0 hPa at each hose connector.
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