Bimba: Actuator

Bimba launches the PA Series NFPA actuator designed to convert pneumatic energy into linear force and motion. Unit features die-cast aluminum endcaps, extruded aluminum housing, and polymer pistons.

PA Series
PA Series

Standard options like auto-cushioning and magnetic pistons allow the PA Series simple installation and operation, reducing complexity and promoting longer machine life. A variety of custom options are available to make the PA Series the perfect fit within your most challenging applications.

"The PA series is a great complement to our current line of NFPA actuators," says Sheila Campbell, Product Manager. "By offering set bore sizes and rod diameters, the PA series delivers simple, straightforward pneumatic actuators as a counterpoint to the highly configurable TA series, all at a competitive price."


• Reduce complexity with standard universal mount and bolt-on NFPA selection

• Flexibility with integral switch mounting grooves on three sides of profile tube

• Modern appearance with smooth end caps contoured to profile tube for easy cleaning

• Auto-cushioning for a “fit-and-forget” solution

Technical Features:

• Operating Pressure: 250 PSIG

• Bore Sizes: 1.50”, 2.00”, 2.50”, 3.25”, 4.00”

• Strokes: 0.125” – 100”

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