Lenze: Compact, synchronous servo motors

Lenze has released the new m850 synchronous servo motors, with moderately dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range.

Synchronous servo motors
Synchronous servo motors

The m850 series offers servo motors that are compact, easy to control, and run efficiently. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks in packaging and material handling systems, where a high degree of quiet, smooth operation is required.

The housing of the series has smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces making these servo motors suitable for use in the food industry. The motors are equipped with a robust resolver feedback system as a standard feature but can also be supplied with multi-turn sin/cos encoders for high precision. SpeedTec connections with rotary connector boxes enable speedy installation and replacement in the event of service.

In conjunction with the servo inverters i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine, it provides high-performance drive solutions in the torque range of 5.30 lbs-in. to 1770 lbs-in. (0.6 to 200 Nm).