Beckhoff Automation: Compact control cabinets

Beckhoff Automation has expanded its C63xx compact control cabinet Industrial PC family with 2 new variants. While earlier models in this family had only 1 free PCI slot, the new C6340 and C6350 IPCs both have 3 free PCI slots, making them more flexible and capable of including a wider range of applications.

Pw 11090 Beckhoff C63xx

Designed with control cabinet installation in mind, the units are suitable for applications where ultra-compact design is required. The 2 new models feature a slot motherboard for Intel Celeron or Pentium III processors. External dimensions of the C6340 are 134 x 196 x 226mm (WxHxD) without a mounting plate, and the C6250 with CD-RW drive adds only 14 mm to the W.

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