Pressure-Sensitive labels ideal for slider/zipper packages

Consumers increasingly want a way to reclose their perishable-content packages without resorting to either rubber-banding, chip clips, or transferring the contents to a storage container. In this White Paper from EPI Exact Packaging, find out the cost-effective alternative for labeling slider/zipper packages: pressure-sensitive reseal labels, which cost just pennies per package and offer consumers an easy way to reclose bags.

For more than a decade, companies have answered the call by offering their products in slider/zipper packages with enthusiastic consumer response. Yet, many companies are precluded from participating in this trend due to financial and other factors.

Many medium to small companies simply cannot justify the cost of slider/zipper applicators coupled with the price of the material. In addition, zipper material can slow packaging-line throughput because of the additional seal time needed to weld the extra layer of zipper material to the bag. Plus, pre-applied zippers often require former modifications and more roll changes due to the zipper material’s added thickness.

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