Key factors in buying today's pressure-sensitive labeling systems

Not too long ago buying a pressure sensitive labeling system was about as easy as any capital equipment purchase might be. The considerations were:

  • Price
  • Throughput
  • Durability/robustness of the equipment
  • Migration path
  • Reputation of the supplier for quality, delivery, and support

The choice came down to such straightforward factors because consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies had long runs of a few products. Labels did not change from one year to the next.

Those days are gone forever. Today, the name of the game in retail is choice and newness. CPG companies now produce an expanding variety of cookies, cereals, soups, or crackers that fit consumers’ many tastes and life styles. Product lifecycles are a fraction of what they once were. CPG companies aim at just-in-time delivery and keeping work-in-process inventory lean. This in turn leads to shorter production runs with more frequent changeovers on packaging lines, ultimately reducing the need for excessive finished goods inventory hence reducing the dollar amount associated with warehousing. All of these alterations in the market impact labeling strategies. Successfully adapting to these market realities requires a new approach to specifying pressure sensitive labeling systems.

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