A growing library of packaging white papers

It’s easy to access a library of more than 65 white papers that cover the spectrum of packaging.

Looking for crucial "insider" information and advice for a particular packaging project? Be sure to check out our growing library of white papers. As of early June, the PW white paper library numbered 68, with the number growing monthly. Some recent examples:

* OEE secrets: What pharma can learn from beverage
* How to purchase used packaging machinery
* Technical paper on active packaging systems
* Troubleshooting induction systems
* Key factors in buying today's pressure-sensitive labeling systems

Fielded by professional writers selected by Packaging World staff and with editorial value in mind, these papers tap the expertise of suppliers, and who better to offer advice, insights, and guidance than those in that particular market segment?

Simple registration

All you have to do is register once, and that qualifies you to instantly select any others that you want. They are provided as a convenient Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Here's the Web "shelf" on which these volumes are kept: www.packworld.com/whitepapers

Check them out, you may find crucial information and guidance for your next project.
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