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Chicago, IL 60661

Company Overview

Berlin Packaging is the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures. We supply billions of items annually along with package design, financing, consulting, warehousing, and logistics services for customers across all industries.

Containers, closures, and dispensing systems. Plastic, glass, and metal.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:100+
Number of employees:900+
525 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60661
United States
Get Packaging and So Much More Berlin Packaging exists to help people and companies become Greater, Faster.® We are dedicated to those who want to achieve more, disrupt the status quo, control one’s destiny, and beat the competition. Packaging is the currency we use. Benefit from Our Unique Business Model We are the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of plastic, glass, and metal containers, closures, and dispensing systems. We supply billions of containers and closures annually as well as warehousing and logistics services for customers of all sizes in all industries. From long runs to convenience quantities, we have you covered. See and for more on how the company exists to help people and companies excel. Experience Our Strength With 40,000+ available SKUs, 200+ packaging consultants, and 100+ sales and warehouse locations across North America and Europe, the company has the right products, expertise, and geographic proximity to help customers increase their net income through packaging products and services. Berlin Packaging’s suite of related services and specialty product divisions includes Studio One Eleven custom packaging and graphic design, Berlin Global sourcing solutions, E3 profit-oriented consulting, Berlin Financial financing for equipment and capital improvements, Berlin Quality advocacy, Dangerous Goods packaging and shipping systems, and Qorpak laboratory supplies. Bruni Glass and Bruni Erben, with their extensive offering of premium glass packages and compelling closures, are also part of the Berlin family. And now offers an easy ecommerce experience for all of this. Enjoy Our Operational Excellence We walk the talk. We are the only company in our sector to be ISO 9001 Certified and to achieve 99% on-time delivery of our shipments every month for 14 years and counting. We quantify the incremental profit our customers earn as a benefit of working with us. Our Anything is Possible® culture yields industry-leading customer thrill scores.
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