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Yakim, WA 98909
United States
Less is more with Kwik Link® Bringing over 65 years of expertise to deliver advanced engineering and design that you can trust, Kwik Lok® is committed to delivering new and innovative solutions. We work with our customers and industry partners to identify their unique needs - providing ongoing customer support you can rely on! Kwik Lok was founded with a dedication to innovation, providing easy and sustainable ways to keep foods of all kinds fresh. We offer bag closures, bag closing equipment, labels, and printing solutions. Kwik Lok continues to change the game. Recently we teamed up with Atelier De Recherches et de Conceptions (ARC) to develop our eco-friendly Kwik Link solution which keeps produce together while providing branding opportunities. The result is a more sustainable branded packaging option. Kwik Link consists of an ARC machine that binds fruit or vegetables together and a Kwik Lok machine with closures and labels. The result is less packaging for a smaller carbon footprint. Kwik Link is one example of Kwik Lok’s dedication to creating the highest quality closing and printing solutions for food industries Looking for a way to minimize packaging while providing for branding and traceability? Think Kwik Link®! 1-800-688-5945 /(509) 248-4770
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