Arrowhead Systems, Inc.

Oshkosh, WI 54902

Company Overview

Arrowhead Systems, Inc. is a leader in providing conveyor, conventional and robotic packaging equipment, line productivity solutions, and service to the food, beverage, packaged products, pharmaceutical, and container manufacturing industries.

Conveyors, Robotics, Depalletizers, Palletizers, Case Palletizers, Warmers/Coolers

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:175+ years combined experience
Number of employees:250+
Geographic sales distribution:North America / Global
Sales Channel:Direct

1-3 years, depending on product

Service, support & spare parts:

A&B Engineering Services, the service company of Arrowhead Systems, provides audits, upgrades, field service, technical support and parts.


Customized formal classroom and/or machine-side training. Class types include skills training, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and refresher courses. Training materials are available.

3255 Medalist Drive
Oshkosh, WI 54902
United States
With a 70-year history of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, the companies of Arrowhead Systems are leaders in providing material handling equipment, conveyor, robotic solutions and service to the food and beverage industries. BUSSE/SJI the inventor of the original bulk palletizer and depalletizer continues to lead the industry in material handling equipment. In addition to the Busse/SJI machines, they manufacture PRIORITY ONE equipment--simple, yet sophisticated low-level depalletizers, high and low-level case palletizers, and multi-line central palletizing systems. ARROWHEAD CONVEYOR offers a complete selection of customized and standard conveyor systems. They offer a diversified lineup of table top, mat top, case conveyors and air conveyors, as well as an entire line of equipment for can manufacturing. With the addition of NEXTCONVEYOR, they manufacture wash down and sanitary conveyor lines. A & B ENGINEERING SERVICES, LLC sends experienced field service engineers around the world to assist customers with all Arrowhead Systems equipment, as well as other major brands. Services include: • New machine start-up • Parts/Services/Upgrades • Preventative Maintenance • Safety Enhancement • Line Controls Integration • Technical Support • Machine Audits • Rebuilds • Retrofits & More! Introduced at PACK EXPO 2018 Alpha Turbo Advanced Depalletizer, Galactica Thermal Technology, and Case and Bulk Handling Robotic Solutions with advanced technology that will allow companies to optimize and automate their production lines. For more information: Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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