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Check Weighing, Case Sealing and Fill by Weight Case Packing Equipment.  Custom infeed solution and systems integration.

The CSW Series “End of Line” Checkweigher accurately weighs cases, trays, cartons and other containers to ensure correct product weight before shipping.  If the measured weight is not within tolerance, the container is automatically rejected off the line.  The CSW Series Checkweigher weighs just the product, not the conveyor. The PDI Model CTA Case Sealer features rugged construction for years of top performance. It uses a driven top belt that is extended upward and outward at the entrance to move with the box and gently fold the major flaps of an RSC case. The front minor flap is closed using an actuator instead of a stationary plow and the rear minor flap folder adjusts for different case lengths. The top belts capture the major flaps (after the minor flaps have been folded) and as the top belts are moving down and towards each other, they gently fold the major flaps. Since the top belts are travelling at the same speed as the case, there is no friction between the case and the folding mechanism. Using a folding conveyor instead of a stationary bar eliminates friction between the bar and the case.The Dual and Single Scale Fill by Weight Case Packers fill a case with loose filled products such as cookies, candy bars, flavor packs, condiments etc.  The case is quickly and accurately filled using variable speed belts to convey the product to the case.  The case is weighed using the patented CSW Series Weighing Platform.

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PDI (Seller) warrants to the purchase price that it will repair or replace equipment or parts of its manufacture because of defects in material or workmanship within 365 days of machine shipment.

Service, support & spare parts:

At PDI, we understand that in the packaging and processing industry an out of commission machine equals a project lost. Our experienced technicians provide the support needed to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and extend the life of your machine. And our field service technicians are more than just mechanics: they understand how variables such as product density and case sizing can affect machine performance.If you are experiencing problems with any of your PDI equipment, you can count on our field service department to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Machine training can be accomplished using online videos or in person with a PDI service technician.  PDI also offers complete training in-house.

Other services:

PDI offers complete packaging equipment systems taking product after bagging or wrapping equipment up through case sealing. Components can include multiple or single lane product conveyors, bulk fill by weight or count, empty and full case conveying, case weighing, labeling and sealing.  Systems will include complete software, electrical and mechanical documentation.  PDI engineers will work with your company from initial concept and layout through assembly, FAT and commissioning.

1136 Church Rd.
McGregor, TX 76657
United States

Packaging Distributors, Incorporated, headquartered in McGregor, Texas, manufactures check weighing, bulk packing, and case sealing systems for the packaging industry. Our philosophy is to develop packaging line equipment that will perform under harsh conditions and continuous three shift operation, occupy a minimum amount of plant floorspace, and use standard industry controls.

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