National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Holland, MI 49424

Company Overview

NBE bulk material handling systems and product recovery systems are designed and built to application-specific requirements for sanitary, and non-sanitary, packaging and processing operations. NBE systems simplify HACCP verification, aid cGMP, and enable optimal compliance.

Bulk material filling and unloading systems; and packaged product recovery systems.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:Over 40
Number of employees:130-plus
Geographic sales distribution:North America, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Rim, Western Europe, Middle East
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Typically a one-year warranty of the equipment from date of shipment. Extended warranty arrangements are available; to be further described in the Terms and Conditions documents.

Service, support & spare parts:

In-house installation and service team. Single point of contact for spare parts and other critical components.

12838 Stainless Drive
Holland, MI 49424
United States

National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE) designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs a complete line of fully integrated and automated bulk material handling systems (, as well as a full line of automated product recovery systems for dry and wet packaged contents and packaging materials (

Material Handling

NBE bulk material handling systems and product recovery systems are designed and built for sanitary, and non-sanitary, processing and packaging applications. Where sanitary systems are necessary, NBE sanitary-specific systems design, materials of construction, and workmanship combine to ensure the system delivers product safety, optimal compliance, and maximum process efficiency ( NBE sanitary bulk material handling equipment, and sanitary product recovery systems are built to meet the FDA cGMP definition for cleanability; and, therefore enable thorough cleaning and validation (

Integrated Infrastructure

Built on an NBE structural and controls infrastructure, the process sequence of an NBE bulk material handling system or product recovery system operates across an integrated, application-specific chassis; with all automation and control functions compliant to U.S. and IEC/ISO standards and centralized to enable standardized, system-wide data reporting. The NBE structural and controls infrastructure provides the basis for: increasing total packaging line process efficiency, reducing the total cost of operation relative to the common design of bolt-together, divergent ‘islands’ of equipment; and also works to shorten cleaning time targets, reduce labor allocation for cleaning and validation, minimize consumables use, and simplify verification of HACCP plans and GMP.

Product Recovery

The ProductSaver® line of product recovery systems provides automated recovery of packaged dry or wet product and packaging that may be off-spec, mis-labeled, overruns, unsafe, or otherwise, unsalable. ProductSaver systems remove, and separate, packaged contents from its packaging, enabling residual re-sale, reuse, or disposal of recovered contents; and recycling, or disposal, of packaging material. The pursuit of sustainability improvements and reduction of landfill use have made a priority of safe and efficient recovery of packaged product and packaging materials.

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