Advanced Optowave Corporation

New York, NY 11779

Company Overview

Advanced Optowave Corporation delivers trusted laser technology and laser coding solution that improve processes, increase productivity and enhance performance for customers.

UV/Fiber/CO2 Laser Coding Solutions

Leaders in Packaging
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

12 months standard warranty included, extended warranty available.

Service, support & spare parts:

- Local technical support team. - Advanced laser application team and lab. - Local warehouse and fast delivery for spare parts.


- Onsite installation and implementation. - Operating training for technicians. - Maintenance training. - Troubleshooting training.

Other services:

- 24/7 Quick tech support & response. - Advanced laser application lab. - Onsite training and support.

105 Comac Street
New York, NY 11779

Founded in 2007, Advanced Optowave Corporation has been a laser solution provider. We are focusing on the laser and laser application R&D, worldwide sales and marketing, and the local service and support for our customers.

AOC laser product portfolio consists of a broad spectrum of pulsed lasers, including micro marking, cutting, welding systems, and DPSS QS-ns lasers, ultrafast (Pico & Femto) lasers and MOPA-ns lasers, covering different wavelengths from IR, GR, UV to DUV.

By combining the innovative laser technologies with laser process development capability, AOC can offer complete laser application solutions. With advanced optical design, vision system, motion control system and self-developed software, AOC is now supplying laser micro-processing systems for varies of application like marking, cutting, welding and etc.

AOC products strongly enhance our customer's capabilities and productivity in packaging, consumer electronics, biomedical applications, semiconductor and other areas. As of today, there are more than 50,000 lasers and 5,000 laser micro-process systems installed worldwide.

We have a laser application lab based in New York to develop customer’s process and improve their performance and productivity.

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Key Contacts
Vincent Yang
Project Manager
Xin Yang
President Assistant