Bag-in-box Liquid Detergent Pack from HEX Performance Withstands Rigors of E-comm Delivery

With a focus on sustainability, HEX Performance® launched a new packaging solution for its liquid detergent that it says uses 60% less plastic than standard HDPE bottles, and withstands the challenges of the e-commerce logistics chain.

Liquibox Hex Performance Hi Res 1

Designed to reduce waste, minimize the risk of damage and improve customer experience, the new bag-in-box solution developed by Liquibox contains 60% less plastic than traditional 100-oz rigid detergent bottles. The HEX Eco Bag-in-Box Package drastically cuts the carbon footprint by offering 58% reduction in fossil fuel use, 47% reduction in GHG emissions, and 25% reduction in water use. (source: EcoImpact LCA)

“We’ve been listening to our customers, and they’ve told us that they’re very interested in more eco-friendly packaging.  Our newest innovation is the result of that commitment. We’re excited that in addition to the reduction in plastic and carbon footprint, our new eco-friendly package is also very easy and reliable to ship through our e-commerce channels,” says Kristen Contessa, Director of Operations at HEX Performance.

“Both HEX and Liquibox are on a mission to create a more sustainable future, and innovation comes through partnership. We were excited to work with HEX from development to commercialization on their new three-liter liquid laundry detergent bag-in-box flexible packaging, which improves environmental impacts and wows e-commerce and retail consumers,” says Kristin Yelverton, Market Segment and Business Development Manager at Liquibox.

Bag-in-box is one of the fastest-growing segments in the liquid packaging market, according to data analytics consultant GlobalData. The new HEX Eco Bag-in-Box Package is available to purchase online from, Target, and Amazon. -PW

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