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What a generic case printing program saves you.

This white paper from Iconotech looks at buying more cases for less, avoiding costly printing dies, obtaining more competitive bids, reducing inventory, improving throughput, streamlining and simplifying processes, and lowering scrap.

Choosing the right equipment to keep production lines moving at optimal efficiency is rarely easy or obvious. But like all successful companies, Canada’s thriving baked-goods producer Voortman Cookies Limited has gotten very adept at keeping up with its expansion needs and growing demand for its products since the company’s very first production run in Hamilton, Ont., back in 1951.

Today,Voortman produces a staggering variety of premium-quality cookies at a 250,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Burlington, Ont., employing about 350 production staff on a three-shift, fivedays-a-week schedule, with daily capacity to churn out over nine million cookies for retail customers across North America.

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