Characteristics of emergent employers

Spherion’s Emerging Workforce Study® found that:

• About 60% of emergent employers use contingent workers for at least 6% of their work force (versus only 5% of traditional employers).

• Emergent employers agree on the value of contingent workers, specifically in building a higher-quality work force and managing in a cyclical economy.

• 90% of emergent employers contend that an integrated hiring strategy using contingent and full-time workers results in higher work-force quality,
and that contingent workers are a vital part of their work force today.

• Rather than being victims of a cyclical economy, emergent businesses have developed plans for meeting their fluctuating labor needs in the months and years ahead.

• Nearly 70% of emergent employers consider their work-force structure a major initiative for their company, as compared to only 14% of traditional organizations.

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