Choosing the right multipack format: shrink vs paperboard vs carriers

White paper from Roberts PolyPro takes a hard look at the costs, benefits, features, and consumer appeal of each of the major multi-pack types.

The success of club stores and big box retailers is due to many factors, including consumers' impressions that they are getting more for their dollar. Bargain and buy-in-bulk shoppers cluster to such products. For many, multipacks have become a way of life.

The deal aspect of the multipack attracts those consumers, but some undoubtedly are swayed by the look and convenience of the package itself. Not all multi-packs are created equal—neither from a consumer nor a production standpoint. Depending on a company's resources, desired throughput, and marketing goals, choosing the multipack style best suited to an operation can mean the difference between a profitable venture and a multipack misstep that doesn't deliver the desired return.

Making the most of multipack potential requires a close study of costs, benefits and features of each pack type: shrinkwrap, paperboard and handled carriers.

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