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Assessing electronic vs. magnetic clutch heads in rotary capping equipment

With rotary capping equipment, the use of magnetic clutch capping heads has now become routine, relegating the old friction or disc clutch rotary cappers (if anyone remembers these) to the list of obsolete packaging machinery. Magnetic clutch heads have proven, over a twenty-five year history of use in thousands of applications, to be a reliable means for applying screw-on closures with consistent torque over many hours of operation in some quite severe packaging environments and have become the standard offering with all major rotary capping machine vendors. Two principal innovations to the magnetic clutch capping heads over the last several years have been the introduction of tool-less torque adjustment and quick release chucks, features which provide both reduced downtime while requiring no tools or training to perform a cap change-over. With these innovations, it is expected that magnetic clutch capping heads will remain the industry standard for as long as packaging needs include the use of screw-on caps.

As good as this technology is however, there are occasions where the use of magnetic clutch heads fall short of an application's requirements.

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