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Maximizing productivity in packaging machinery

OEE = Effective Operating Time / Net Operating Time. The purpose of OEE can be categorized as follows:

• OEE can be used as a “benchmark” to measure the line performance, which makes it possible to compare initial OEE values with future OEE values. This gives the possibility to quantify the improvements of the packaging process.

• OEE makes a line / machine comparable to other lines in the plant to identify hidden costs because of poor packaging equipment.

• If the line process is considered individually, the machine OEE allows the possibility to identify the “bottle neck” machine within the process line. With this information further root cause analysis can be initiated.

Your Uhlmann customer support and services sales representative can provide you information about upgrading your equipment with Production Data Acquisition (PDA) software to track your equipment’s performance and OEE. This will allow you to determine the efficiency of your production process. The goal is for an OEE > 75%. Once you have identified your process inefficiencies you can work toward improvements by eliminating the waste (inefficiencies). Equipment/line flexibility is also essential today due to ever changing market conditions and requirements. The days are gone when you change over a line only 3 times per month.

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