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Highlighting the emerging trends in technology for pharmaceutical bottling lines

In particular, the white paper highlights emerging technologies for improved line efficiency, faster changeover and cleaning time, smaller footprint high productivity machines, and new solutions for track and trace.

For years bottle packaging lines have been designed with an emphasis on line speed vs. overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and return on investment (ROI). Enormous lot sizes of blockbuster drugs are no longer in the pipeline for most pharmaceutical companies. The days of running 1 or 2 products on a line at 300+ bottles per minute (bpm), with changeover occurring only a few times per month have passed and given way to the more efficient and ultra flexible lines that are now available.

Another critical drawback to high speed packaging lines is the overall length. With the space required between each piece of equipment to maintain proper line flow and eliminate the “inchworm” effect, many companies are forced to “S” the line through a packaging room, creating bottle handling and machine access nightmares. Down bottles often occur at conveyor transfer points due to improperly aligned conveyor chains or unmatched conveyor speeds causing tablets to ride down the chain and become crushed or lost in the conveyor chassis.

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