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Robotic automation meets today's packaging challenges

The value based price of a robot purchased today has decreased from 10 years ago. As a result, this offers manufacturers an opportunity to meet their flexible packaging challenges with a sophisticated, reliable, and cost-effective robotic based solution.

The packaging industry’s demand for flexibility, reliability, stainability and adaptability have outpaced the capabilities of traditional fi xed automation. By understanding the advantages of robotic automation, manufacturers can assess how the technology enables them to meet ever-changing packaging trends and demands.

Although the marketplace is beginning to recognize that robots are no more expensive than traditional automation, it is often not aware that the “value-based price” of a robot continues to decrease. A robot purchased today has signifi cantly more payload, speed and processing power than a robot purchased for the same price 10 years ago. As a result, manufacturers have an opportunity to meet their packaging challenges with a sophisticated, cost-effective solution.

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