New changeover technology saves time and reduces errors

White paper from Serpa Packaging Solutions introduces unique changeover technology that saves time and reduces errors.

Changeover time is down time. Since down time affects production throughput, overall equipment efficiency, and costs money, rapid, repeatable changeover is critical to manufacturers’ productivity and profitability.

Since today’s packaging lines must not only handle just-in-time orders for a multitude of products, but also have the flexibility to adapt to rapid new product introductions and changes in package size and materials, changeover time is a critical concern.

Manufacturers investigating packaging machinery learn that they can choose from several options including standard, no-tool or automatic changeover. Selection of the optimal changeover option depends on many factors, including the budget, the number of changeovers per shift and the relative skill of the workforce. By understanding the capabilities and requirements of each changeover option, manufacturers can make an informed decision about the method that best suits their needs.

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