White paper explores advancements in water vapor permeation testing in ultra-barrier films

This journal-quality white paper from MOCON provides a thorough analysis of the issues and offers a solution for measuring water vapor transmission rates in ultra barrier-films that protect such products as organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

A major hurdle for the introduction of flexible OLED into the commercial market is the limited lifetime of the devices due primarily to the degradation in the presence of moisture and oxygen. Permeation barriers are required to minimize this exposure. A new technology pushes the sensitivity of test equipment to a new, higher level.

A water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) value of 1 x 10^(-6) g/m2/day has become the unofficial standard for the OLED industry to achieve a device lifetime of >10,000 hours. This value was originally estimated by calculating the amount of oxygen and water needed to degrade the reactive cathode. Obviously an impediment is the development of these barrier materials, however, a concurrent problem is a WVTR method to measure these materials as they are

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