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Selecting a case packer: 6 factors to consider

Type of case: The starting point for determining the optimal case packer is to identify the type of case for the packaging application. While dozens of case types exists, a few of the more common are: 1) top load RSC (regular slotted container); 2) side load RSC or end load RSC; and 3) wraparound. Often case type is predetermined, as the product is already in the market and product marketers or retailers may insist on maintaining the status quo. For example, liquor stores strongly prefer RSC top load cases over wraparound, as the RSC case has utility for customers who buy several bottles. However, when case type is not predetermined, the best case should protect the primary container while economizing corrugated. Top load RSC cases offer the best stacking strength and are ideal for compressible products such as pouches, large PET bottles, personal care and trigger bottles. Top load cases also allow for partitions to increase stacking strength or to minimize bottle to bottle contact. Where bottle or product protection is not as critical, wraparound cases are a good alternative and can sometimes require fewer square inches of corrugated in comparison to RSC cases.

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