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Choosing the Right Print Engine

Whether a company will perform printer service in-house or depend upon a local service provider, the overall serviceability of the print engine is an important consideration. Just like a vehicle engine, there are many elements of the print engine that require scheduled cleaning, maintenance and, in some cases, replacement of key components such as the thermal printhead or the platen roller. If these items are difficult to replace, or if areas of the printer are not readily accessible for cleaning, the result can be poor print quality, frustrated users and production line downtime. Print quality is dependant upon a number of factors, not the least of which is a clean printhead and acceptable platen roller. These items should be easily accessible for cleaning, and replacement should be relatively quick and simple. Many newer print engines offer tool-less printhead replacement and quick-change platen rollers; features that make servicing these critical parts easy and help minimize maintenance downtime.

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