New robotic system packs pizzas at 120/min

Looking at the requirements of the pizza packaging system, Italian system integrator Vortex Systems concluded that this total flexibility in combination with high capacity could only be achieved with ABB’s FlexPicker and its PickMaster software for vision guidance. The FlexPicker robot achieves accelerations of 10g and handles up to 120 items/minute.

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The Italian system integrator Vortex, was asked by Panidea, a pizza producer in Italy to design an automated packaging system for frozen pizzas. Pizzas coming from a freezer were to be loaded into a flow-pack machine before going to the cartoning machine. The major challenge was to handle four different products – triangular, circular and oval shaped pizzas. Furthermore, the customer wanted a fully flexible and scaleable system, where new products (new shapes, sizes, types) could be introduced and the capacity increased over time.

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