KUKA evaluating robotics for food packaging

Converting from conventional to robotic packaging offers a cost-saving, productivity-improving solution for food processors faced with labor challenges, product integrity concerns, floor space limitations and the need for flexibility in packaging applications.

Understanding how robotics addresses the issues, concerns and needs of packaging applications enables food processors to make informed decisions about their packaging operations and achieve a substantial return on investment, as outlined in this white paper from KUKA.

Since the food packaging environment is, at times, dark, dirty and dangerous, it has become increasing difficult to recruit, train and retain workers in certain situations. In spite of food processors’ diligence in complying with governmental regulations to protect employees, hazards still exist.

Food processors recognize that extreme hot or cold temperatures necessary for packaging operations, as well as chemicals used in wash down environments essential to ensure food safety can create an unfavorable work environment for employees. Today’s robots are not only designed to work in extreme temperatures, can be built with the protection necessary to make them suitable for wash downs.

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