Variable Frequency Drives Have Low-Environmental Impact

The VFD AFE transformerless medium-voltage drives of the SVFH series from Nidec ASI claim extremely high efficiency and can be connected quickly and directly to the grid.

1912np Nidec

The drives feature high efficiency, low electricity consumption, greater compactness and easy integration in the assemblies where they are installed. They have no input transformers, which allows them to be 30% more compact and about 60% lighter. The PWM inverters feature an Active Front End (AFE), which means they are connected to the supply line and can perform the DC-bus voltage regulation at a fixed value in both motoring and regenerating operation of the motor side converter. The three-level AFE configuration provides high efficiency, controlled power factor, minimum torque ripple and low input and output harmonic content, which meets the \requirements for current and voltage harmonic distortion as defined by IEC and NEMA standards. The drives come with a dedicated app featuring a simple and intuitive interface that can be installed on any smartphone, making it possible for the user to monitor system operation, schedule maintenance and guarantee immediate interventions even in remote mode, simplifying use for all operators, even the least expert.

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