Greydon Inc: Greydon Inc: Pouch/lid printer

High-resolution, on-demand product identification, including text, graphics, and scannable bar codes, can be printed directly on premade pouches and lidstock for medical device packaging with Greydon’s new in-line pouch and lid thermal-transfer printer.

Pw 6340 X Greydon

With 300-dpi resolution, the new printer eliminates the need for costly labels. Single-color printing can be done in a variety of colors by changing the ribbon. Printer is said to provide better registration and throughput, up to 10 in./sec, than competing pouch printers. Capable of printing on Tyvek, medical paper, foils, and flexible packaging materials to 24 in. long with a 5-in.-wide print head, unit features rugged steel printing platform with a stepper motor-driven infeed.

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