Diagraph, An ITW Company: Small Character Coder - for High Quality & Reliability; for Low Maintenance & Operating Costs

Ideal for dairy, bottled water, soft drinks and other beverage applications, the LINX 4900 Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Printer from Diagraph provides high quality 1 to 2 line printing of alphanumeric text.

Stainless steel, IP55-rated enclosure is designed with no dirt traps and no surfaces for water to rest--ideal for harsh, washdown environments. Printhead features no moving parts, is hermetically sealed and has automatic printhead cleaning. Printer does not require factory air.

The sealed printhead valve system combined with intelligent software automates controls to maintain superior print quality and performance with no manual adjustments. True Auto flush at start up and shut down combined with Auto Power down ensures trouble free start ups with the touch of a button. 50 Message store, mistake proof refills, and automation of diagnostics and running parameters are all featured in the best 2 line printer to date.

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