Compact Industrial Ethernet I/O Module with IO-Link

Turck’s FEN20-4IOL is designed to improve device configuration, monitoring and replacement in a wide range of industrial applications.

Compact Industrial Ethernet I/O Module with IO-Link
Compact Industrial Ethernet I/O Module with IO-Link

The compact block provides four IO-Link channels and is suitable for a range of industries, including manufacturing where space is at a premium, on robot end-effectors where small I/O is needed, and in automotive manufacturing and Tier 1 plants. In addition to the device functioning as an IO-Link master, each of the IO-Link (C/Q) pins can optionally be configured as digital input or output. It is also a field logic controller, able to carry out control tasks at the field level. This enables users to implement simpler applications without the need for an additional PLC. In more complex applications, the module function provides the processing requirement for the parent control system. Configuration and programming are carried out via the company’s ARGEE web-based engineering system. With multiprotocol plug-and-play functionality, the devices are immediately ready for use in PROFINET, Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP systems. The device detects the protocol used by listening to the communication traffic during the startup phase. The unit is equipped with an integrated Ethernet switch and a built-in web server to display diagnostic information and provide access to device configuration parameters. It measures just 55x62.5x30 mm, allowing it to fit in small control boxes, control panels or other existing housings, and carries an IP20 rating.

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