Labels fly in new package

The packaging for Seattle-based coffee marketer Park Bench's newest endeavor is for the birds. Literally. Using a unique label that replicates John J.

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Audubon's illustrations, Audubon Coffee is a new line focusing on protecting the habitats of some migratory birds that are threatened by the large-scale cultivation of coffee beans. Audubon Coffee is taken from shade-grown coffee plantations, which allow trees-and bird habitats-to remain intact. To convey this message to consumers, Park Bench, with help from design firm Walsh & Associates (Seattle, WA), resurrected old Audubon Society press proofs and recreated them on pressure-sensitive labels. The labels are offset-printed in six vivid colors by Tapp Technologies (Vancouver, BC, Canada). They're applied to the valve bags in which the coffee is packed. Audubon Coffee can be found in coffee shops like the Park Bench chain in Seattle and conservation centers on the East Coast. Suggested retail is $11.95 for a 12-oz bag, with a small percentage of that going to benefit villages surrounding shade-grown coffee plantations.

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