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Company Overview

AR Packaging offers a unique wide range of carton-based and flexibles packaging solutions. With skilled employees located across three continents packaging is tailored for best product protection, pack differentiation and minimized environmental impact.

Our wide range of products include folding cartons, trays, cups, flexible barrier materials, system solutions, leaflets, labels and much more. Innovative and sustainable solutions with differentiating finishing effects support the development of your company and meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:+90 years
Number of employees:5500
Geographic sales distribution:Europe, Asia, North America
Service, support & spare parts:

Our complete packaging systems consist of packaging equipment, packaging material, services and spare parts – hence a one-stop shop.


Our experts in packaging and packaging machinery are always available to assist and coach you in selecting the optimal packaging, supporting trials and improving operational efficiencies.  Choosing a packaging system from AR Packaging comes with complete training modules for operating the machinery.

Other services:

AR Packaging combines decades of knowledge and experience from leading packaging specialists all around the world. We give our customers access to deep product and market expertise as well as unique technical competencies, always with innovation and sustainability at heart.

AR Packaging North America Inc.
1755 North Brown Road, Suite 200
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8196

Creating the next big thing for nearly a century

The origins of today’s AR Packaging date to 1929, when the business was founded on the revolutionary idea of reshaping European retailing with pre-packed goods. The drive for change has shaped the company ever since, leading to such well-known developments as the very first “Tetra Pak” for milk. It’s the same innovative spirit that continues to drive every element of what we do today.

Gain from our comprehensive offering from all different parts of our group – folding cartons, trays, cups, flexible materials, system solutions, leaflets, labels and much more. We are uniquely positioned to support the development of your company with innovative packaging solutions which meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


Complete packaging system solutions - with tomorrow's world in mind

AR Packaging offers complete innovative machine systems and concepts which provide a unique packaging solution to match your specific needs and wishes for brand differentiation. 

There are several benefits to choosing our system solutions for your products. As the packaging is made from carton-based material instead of plastics or metal and is delivered flat to the customer, the product is environmentally sound and minimizes transportation and storage space and costs. Creative shapes and many convenient features makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of products, such as dry mixes, coffee, snacks, confectionery and more.  

Boardio® - The sustainable game-changer

Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection. Designed for recyclability with a very high content of renewable cartonboard, it enables strong positioning for green brands. 

Sealio® - Protection for your brands 

Sealio® is a patented gas-tight, direct fill carton-based packaging system that protects your sensitive products such as infant milk formula and other sensitive powders. The eye-catching Sealio® supports your brand positioning while maximizing consumer convenience with single-hand opening, a scraper bar and an integrated scoop holder.

Cekacan® - Convenience for longer 

Cekacan® lets you take advantage of proven high-performance packaging technology in a carton-based and easy-to-use solution. Good product protection combined with high renewable material content allows you to meet your sustainable packaging needs. 


Both packaging and machinery of our systems are developed by AR Packaging. They are part of a total solution from an experienced supplier with system knowledge and continuous R&D. We take full responsibility through conceptualization, installation, verifications on site as well as service support over time.

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