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Specright is a Specification Data Management™ platform that’s purpose-built to manage a deep level of packaging & product data. By digitizing & mapping specifications, Specright enables companies to better operate and collaborate across teams & suppliers.

Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management™. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machinery, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability. When it comes to packaging development, users have access to over 60 specification templates, can easily search for existing packaging, or clone an existing specification or bill of materials. Specright’s intelligence prevents users from creating duplicate or similar SKUs. Many companies have consolidated SKUs and unlocked tremendous savings with Specright.Specright also enables critical packaging partners such as procurement, sustainability, quality, and product development. Procurement professionals can bid directly from Specright and allow suppliers to more easily access and share specification data. When it comes to sustainability, users can track material usage over time, identify areas of improvement, and understand the ROI of packaging changes.  With a Specification-First Approach, Companies Can:Accelerate Speed-to-Market: Bring products to market faster than ever by leveraging existing specifications or products. With spec-level data, companies can perform pricing simulations on product ideas to greenlight the most profitable products. Optimize Packaging: Leverage or clone existing packaging specs, sub-assemblies, and bill of materials and understand how packaging components are interconnected. Take a Proactive Approach to Quality & Risk Management: Take quality to the next level by associating quality issues to specs for visibility and traceability. Quickly initiate SCARs and other quality records, instantly access and share the latest spec across facilities or with co-mans, co-packers, and suppliersBetter Collaborate with Suppliers: Easily share and access specifications with suppliers and include suppliers in critical approval and notification workflows. Drive Smart Procurement: Accelerate time to bid by easily searching and selecting specifications. Ensure bid accuracy and purchase fewer specs in higher volumes for savings with Specright’s recommendations engine.Report on Sustainability Efforts: The DNA-level data in Specright’s platform creates a foundation to measure, analyze and take action on sustainability goals.Create Digital Asset Maps: By digitizing and linking machinery, product lines, and facility specifications, companies can create a digital asset map of their production facilities and gain visibility into how those lines operate and what they produce.  Learn more at: https://www.specright.com/specification-management/

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Number of employees:52
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Service, support & spare parts:

Specright customers get a dedicated customer success manager and can leverage live chat and 24/5 phone support.To reach customer support, users can call the following toll-free number: (866) 290-6952, email support@specright.com or live chat the team at specright.com.We also host a User Conference once a year where customers and industry leaders gather to learn, network and share best practices on specification management. Learn more at: https://www.specright.com/services/


The Specright customer success team offers training through:-Onsite, in-person sessions-Individual customer or supplier webinars -Best practices, group webinars, and how to videos-The annual Specright User Conference, which brings together leaders across industries for 3 days of learning, sharing and networking

Other services:

Customer OnboardingTo onboarded customers to the Specright platform, the customer success team works with customers and suppliers to digitize data and documents, map and link specifications, and operationalize the software through workflows, dashboards and reporting.TrainingThe Specright team provides a variety of training options, from in-person to online and 24/5 chat support.IntegrationsCreate a digital supply chain ecosystem by connecting Specright to other systems in your tech stack. For example, integrate your ERP to tie purchasing and sales data to the spec-level for improved decision making and planning. Learn more at: https://www.specright.com/integrations/

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Shouldn’t information be a click away? For too long, packaging professionals have been forced to use systems that weren’t designed to manage packaging. At Specright, we reject band-aid solutions like ERPs, PLMs, spreadsheets, and shared drives that address the symptom but not the problem. 

Specright CEO Matthew Wright founded Specright after spending more than 20 years as a packaging executive and owner of a packaging manufacturing company. During this time, he realized the vast majority of specifications companies had were incomplete, used different nomenclature, and couldn’t be shared with suppliers. This resulted in bidding, producing, and making the wrong package. 

Simply put, it was bad for business. 

This realization led to the creation of Specification Data Management as a new software platform and way of doing business by harnessing the power of DNA-level data across the supply chain. 

The Specright team is made up of leading industry and technology professionals who work hand-in-hand with companies across industries to change the way they do business. The company has employees across the US and EU and is headquartered in Irvine, CA.

Learn more at: https://www.specright.com/

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