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Charter Next Generation

Chicago, IL 60654

Company Overview

Charter Next Generation is one of N. America's leading producers of high-performance, specialty films used in flexible packaging. Known for innovative products and world class manufacturing capabilities, our company's quality & expertise are unsurpassed.

Blown and cast sustainable films for flexible packaging of food, consumer, industrial and healthcare applications

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:25
Number of employees:1,900+
Geographic sales distribution:North America
Sales Channel:Direct

Charter Next Generation is dedicated to providing the highest quality specialty film products and services.

Service, support & spare parts:

- Extensive Product Portfolio - Leading Technical Support - Highly Experienced Sales and Customer Service Team - Best-in-Class Training - Aggressive Investment in New and Upgraded Equipment - Extensive Analytical and Quality Systems


At Charter Next Generation, our philosophy of continual investment in people and equipment differentiates us as the leader in blown and cast film extrusion. CNG University (CNGU), our unique award-winning interactive training program, provides consistent and ongoing training. This, along with our commitment to maintaining, continually updating and adding best-in-class film equipment, makes Charter Next Generation the clear choice in the film industry.

Other services:

Extrusion capabilities from 1-11 layers - Redundant production capabilities at our 14 sites

300 N LaSalle Dr
Suite 1575
Chicago, IL 60654
United States
Toll Free:877-411-3456

Charter Next Generation is paving the way for a better tomorrow. CNG has quickly become North America’s leading independent producer of high-performance, specialty film, flexible food packaging solutions, and other end-use markets that impact our local neighborhoods and beyond, day in and day out. Through our commitment to creating a better world, we passionately pursue sustainable solutions that protect families, strengthen the global community, and facilitate a greener future for generations to come.

Driven by an unwavering sustainability-first mindset, each of our fourteen CNG facilities is playing a vital role in the growth and innovation that has characterized the company since its beginnings. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering best-in-class material science solutions for a wide array of end-use markets, to advance our mission and accelerate our customers’ business growth.

Our premium custom engineered solutions preserve the integrity of products, increase productivity, safeguard fresh materials and foods longer, and utilize cleaner processes to maintain the lowest carbon footprint of any major packaging supplier. Our unparalleled devotion to the environment also amplifies our efforts to create a circular economy and ensures our films allow for recyclability, compostability, and the use of post-consumer resin.

Designing and developing innovative, environmentally conscious film solutions is imperative -- now more than ever. Over 41 million Americans, and an estimated 1.3 billion individuals across the globe are currently facing food insecurity, yet food waste alone represents 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and landfills are the third-largest industrial source of methane emissions. That is why as the leading producer of specialty film and flexible food packaging solutions, we are dedicated to continuously striving for a cleaner tomorrow.

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Key Contacts
Dan Niss
Kathy Bolhous