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SKC Inc. is a market leader in PET film. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes a wide range of films used for various applications such as packaging, graphic, labels, medical, display and more.

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PET film production

1000 SKC Drive
Covington, GA 30014
Toll Free:1888-752-3456

SKC, Inc. is the only North American Film division of SK Group with the ability to design and manufacture our own resin. As a leader in specialty PET Films, we strive to maintain growth and market leadership by pursuing added value products and capitalizing on global operations.

SKC Inc. is advocating global sustainability efforts by exceeding environmental procedures and standards.

Our sustainability goal is to continuously find ways to reduce pollution and preserve the environment with greener products:

SKC Ecolabel™ – Fully recyclable shrink sleeve

SKC PLA film – Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly film

PCR film – Post Consumer Resin film

Our focus is to revolutionize the packaging industry with our sustainable solution SKC Ecolabel™, the World’s First fully recyclable heat-shrinkable film, tested and approved and by APR.

Our promise is to support environmental sustainability goals and continue to grow as a Global Green Company.                                                                

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