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WeightPack, Inc.

Powhatan, VA 23139

Company Overview

GIVEAWAY? Only when you’re feeling generous. WeightPack helps you reliably serve up just the right amount of your high value liquid or powder product to your loyal consumers.

Filling and capping machinery for CPG liquids and powders.  Net weight precision.  1 oz. to 20 lbs.  30 BPM to 800 BPM.  Plastic, glass, metal rigid containers.  Press-on, screw, pump dispenser and trigger spray closures.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:21
Number of employees:127
Geographic sales distribution:West Coast, Central, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast
Sales Channel:Independent Representatives
Service, support & spare parts:

Peace of Mind Reliability Maintenance programs.  Regional Service team.  Fully stocked US spare parts warehouse.  In-house domestic parts manufacture.

Other services:

Line integration.  Capacity engineering.  Data exchange implementation.

3490 Anderson Highway
PO Box 27
Powhatan, VA 23139

Family owned WeightPack is the first name in net weight fillers for your products.  For over 45 years our team has invested in perfecting the most accurate means possible for measuring out and delivering top quality liquids and powders into containers.  Measuring the precise quantity of product put inside the primary package—at the destination—means what you weigh is what you get. 

The primary package is completed with our integrated closure systems.  Direct Drive servo cappers, pump dispenser and trigger sprayer applicators, as well as custom sealers are integrated into unified packaging machines.  

CPG producers across a wide spectrum benefit from WeightPack precision: cosmetics, OTC pharmaceuticals, dairy and juices, edible oils, sauces and condiments, peanut butter—even coffee and nutritional powders and more benefit from the easily sanitized sensor-free product delivery path.  Sanitary containments and packaging treatment are available for up to 5-LOG reduction.  

Home care and personal care, chemicals, paints, automotive; stiff and foaming, corrosive and flammable liquids; production rates from 30 to 800 parts per minute and containers from 1 oz. to 35 lbs. all find the perfect solution in WeightPack machines. 

Our Virginia based team serves our North American customers with a well-stocked spare parts store, dedicated service technicians, reliability maintenance programs, project management and training, and in-house fabrication for container and cap change parts as well as emergency parts manufacture.

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Key Contact
John DeFayette
Sales Director