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Company Overview

IMA Ilapak, with its vast range of flexible packaging solutions, can satisfy every Form, Fill and Seal packaging requirement of food, pharma, medical devices and wet wipe industries.

HFFS flow wrapping machines , VFFS vertical baggers, HFFS Doy pack lines, systems for MAP, product handling solutions, counting and weighing systems and complete, fully automated lines.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:50
Number of employees:550
Geographic sales distribution:World
Sales Channel:Direct channels - IMA Ilapak subsidiaries - and through qualified agents
Service, support & spare parts:

IMA Ilapak’s customer service is the cornerstone upon which our customer assistance process is built. Our worldwide network of sales and service centres allow us to offer you a top-notch service, guaranteeing you what you need, when you need it, every time. All IMA Ilapak’s services are created to offer you the highest quality, ready availability, an excellent quality price ratio (lowest cost of ownership) and support throughout the product’s life cycle. We strive to be considered by our customers as the first and most valid place to source all the spare parts you need, including those that are available on the open market. We want to make it genuinely possible for our customers to reduce the complexity of dealing with a multitude of different suppliers, enabling you to focus your resources on core business activities.


Investing in training reaps productivity and efficiency rewards, which in turn results in lowest cost of ownership. Available to its customers, IMA Ilapak’s training service includes on-site training packages, which can be delivered locally within IMA Ilapak’s facilities or on our customers’ own premises.

Other services:

OpenLabA network of technological laboratories and testing areas born in 2016 within the IMA Group, dedicated to the research on  sustainable materials, technologies and production optimization processes. The aim of OpenLab is to identify the perfect match. That is, the machine and flexible film combination that will deliver the best possible performance. IMA Ilapak specialist department tests and analyses over 1000 film samples every year. By creating a unique fingerprint of each substrate, it’s possible to predict in advance how they will be on machines. OpenLab then puts that theory into practice by piloting materials on commercial vertical and horizontal packaging lines.

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Newtown, PA 18940
Phone:+1 215 579 2900
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Besides HFFS flow wrappers and VFFS vertical baggers, IMA Ilapak portfolio includes HFFS Doy pack machines, systems for modified atmosphere applications, product handling solutions, counting and weighing systems and complete, fully automated lines.

IMA Ilapak, taking advantage of synergies and integrations with IMA Group companies and thanks to proven expertise gained in food & non-food industries’ key applications, offers fully engineered solutions delivering highly efficient flexible packaging lines to maximise your line’s OEE, with real time operator-specific production and diagnostics data.

From converting to packaging, from product feeding or handling to single and multiple flow wrapping. Weighing solutions coupled with vertical baggers and end of line equipment.        

IMA Ilapak’s purpose is to provide its customers with packaging solutions tailored precisely to their needs, minimizing their cost per pack by means of very reliable equipment and efficient service. This focus describes the Industry oriented approach to its customers, technology and developments — it does not produce generic machines, rather it engineers the products with your specific needs in mind right from the start. IMA Ilapak specialists for food and non-food industry are in touch with market conditions and aim to be up to date with the latest research and development in their fields.

Founded in 1970 on the principles that customer focus and a dedication to service were key to customer satisfaction, IMA Ilapak has now over 550 skilled professionals delivering more than 650 individual machines and complete automatic packaging lines to its customers every year.

With headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, IMA Ilapak has 15 sales and service subsidiaries in different countries across the world, as well as a significant number of qualified sales and service agents in other countries. 

The IMA Ilapak six manufacturing sites are located in Lugano (Switzerland) , Bologna (Italy), Arezzo (Italy), Beijing (China), Hamburg (Germany) and Lowell, AR (U.S.A).

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