Redesign sizzles

Schering-Plough, maker of Coppertone Sport, recently unveiled a stronger, sportier package and brand identity for the suntan lotion. Created by Lipson Alport Glass & Associates (Chicago, IL), the package is designed to appeal to active, goal-oriented consumers with a passion for the outdoors.

Pw 15661 Coppertone

In order to get the package accepted as an essential piece of hi-tech athletic gear, designers created ergonomic hand grips as well as sleek, strong package shapes. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, the dark blue bottles are decorated with a distinctive “S” and powerful logotype. “The new look is very effective,” says Lisa Nibauer, senior product manager at Coppertone. “Since the redesign was launched on retail shelves, sales increased dramatically and Coppertone Sport has gained market share.” Available in three formulas (lotion, spray, and stick), Coppertone Sport is available in major retail outlets nationwide.

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