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Chroma Color: Color concentrate

Chroma Color Corp.’s UltraPET™ color concentrate is designed for tinted parts and vivid colors in PET applications. It can achieve high pigment levels versus any existing colorant technology translating into lower coloring costs without jeopardizing processing rates or pigment dispersion.

UltraPET™ color concentrate
UltraPET™ color concentrate

Key attributes of the UltraPET™ color concentrate include:

• Polymeric carrier that is low melting and has excellent compatibility with the base polymer. The polymeric carrier will not migrate and cause screw slippage issues

• Melts at 50% lower temperature than traditional PET based carriers

• Improved rheology and larger surface area leading to a faster incorporation rate

• Compatibility with PET bottle resins

• High loading capability

• No need to recrystallize

• Drying may not be required at low use rates for tints

• Resistance to alcohols

• Reduced housekeeping cost compared to liquid color

• FDA compliant

Targeted applications for this new UltraPET™ product line include cosmetic packaging, vitamin bottles, nutraceuticals, sample liquor bottles, spice jars, thermoformed sheets and much more.

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