Penford: Biopolymer paper coatings

Penford Products’ Pen-cote PR is a new biopolymer product line produced to replace protein in paper coatings to provide added environmental and cost benefits.

Pen-cote PR
Pen-cote PR

Said to provide performance equivalent to protein, Pen-cote PR is available in both dry and liquid form, and was developed using the company’s proprietary PenFlex technology, which produces high-performance, cost-effective biomaterials. Pen-cote PR biopolymers are VOC-free, environmentally-sustainable products that are easy to use, help improve runnability, and reduce operating costs in paper coating processes that have traditionally relied on protein.

Runnability benefits include:  higher water retention for improved surface appearance; enhanced binding strength; reduced blade scratches/weeping to increase first pass quality; improved quality (appearance and printing) of final product to increase saleable tons; cross-linkable to improve print fidelity resulting in higher printer satisfaction.

Application benefits include:  easy and ready to use, Pen-cote PR is not alkali dependent and preparation is ammonia free; available in a pump-and-go liquid or a dry powder that easily hydrates in the coating; no cooking required--saving the time, hassle, and EHS exposure of the cooking process; no sludge or foam formation as observed with protein products.

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