Weatherchem Corp.: Fully-recyclable closure lets consumers scoop, pour or sift

The new VersaFlap™ integrated closure system from Weatherchem functions as 3 closures in 1: with a simple twist on the rotary dial, consumers can choose whether they want to scoop, pour or sift a product from a container, and even open the entire cap if they choose.

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Designed for a wide range of products, including snacks, lawn care, pet foods, spices, or dry household products.  VersaFlap has a wide variety of features tailored for large containers:  provides easy access to the product inside, (consumers can fit their entire hand inside); can be configured to offer a choice of sifts, slots or even a custom-designed opening for the closure; comes with an audible snap so consumers know they’re locking in freshness and getting a tight close; an enhanced thumb indent allows effortless, one-hand opening and closing; provides a modern, polished look to brands, with a fresh, high-gloss finish for shelf impact.

VersaFlap allows brand packagers to create a 2-color closure by making the rotary dial a different color than the rest of the cap.  Its particularly large and flat surface area on the top provides abundant space for decorating with a logo, marketing message, or product information. The surface can even be custom embossed to create a more lasting impression. As with all Weatherchem dispensing closures, the VersaFlap is fully recyclable and uses less material (meaning less weight), which saves on shipping fuel.

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