Voridian: PET resins

Voridian Co. (Kingsport, TN) offers two new resins: Voridian Aqua PET WA314 PET for single-serve water containers, and Heatwave polymer, a resin with UV protection specifically designed for hot-fill applications.

Pw 15408 Voridian

PET has an intrinsic viscosity of .76 to satisfy fitness-for-use criteria of both lightweight water packages and those that require thermal stability. The melting point is about 3?C lower than competing resins, enabling faster production speeds, company says.

Heatwave polymer provides significant processing benefits for bottle manufacturers, company says. Polymer allows 2-stage heat-set blow molding at lower temperatures when compared to current technology. The reheat-enhanced PET yields reliable reheat consistency, reduces hot-fill shrinkage, and produces greater clarity.

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