Tanning line saturated in 360º color

Bottles' full-body PETG shrink-sleeve labels provide eye appeal.

Pw 6968 Web Ndulge
Full-body shrink-sleeve labels create stunning swirls of color for a new line of Body Drench tanning products from American Intl. Industries, Los Angeles.

Created to tan the body, legs, and face via five crème formulations, N’Dulge is offered in 13.5-oz (body, legs) and 4-oz (face) polyvinyl chloride bottle designs that offer a bell-shaped body and long, slender neck.

To meet the challenges of manufacturing and applying a full-body label to a bottle with such varying dimensions, American Intl. Industries selected converter Ameri-Seal (www.ameri-seal.com). Ameri-Seal specified PETG film for the application, due to its high shrink ratio of 80%.

Each sleeve is gravure-printed in five colors, with label graphics that depict dramatic spirals of color—in gold, blue, green, red, and purple, depending on the variety—against a deep, black background. Sleeves are directly applied to the bottles at Ameri-Seal’s Contract Sleeving Div. in Chatsworth, CA.

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