Label makes ketchup stand out

As Traina Foods launches its first retail product, a full-body shrink sleeve label is playing a key role in differentiating it from the competition.

Pw 70051 Traina

Located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Traina is a privately-owned grower and producer of sun-dried fruits whose only distribution channel historically had been the wholesale trade. But that changed with the recent introduction of a 16-oz bottle of ketchup made from sun-dried tomatoes.

“How do you differentiate yourself in the sea of red that characterizes this category?” says Amy Thorpe, Project Manager at Traina Foods. The answer in this case was a full-body shrink sleeve label. Supplied by Fort Dearborn Co., the oriented polystyrene label is printed flexo in 10 colors. A Tripack system applies and shrinks the labels onto the multilayer PP/EVOH bottles, which are coextrusion blown by Amcor and supplied by Tricor Braun. Seaquist Closures supplies the injection-molded polypropylene cap.

Positioned as a premium product because it’s made from sun-dried tomatoes, the 16-oz bottle sells for about 31 cents/oz while a more conventional ketchup sells for about 12 cents/oz. The bottles are hot-filled by a contract manufacturer.

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