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When the oil runs out: Take a second look at biodegradable cellulose packaging films

Ecological Flexible Packaging has become increasingly important to all who are concerned about the future well-being of our Planet. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said "The future depends on what we do in the present", and we need to do something now to radically change the way we conserve our natural resources, our oceans, the quality of the air we breathe; indeed, to conserve the environment in which we live, for future generations.

This brief overview outlines the development of biodegradable & compostable packaging films, and the role Innovia Films is playing to satisfy the needs of retailers and consumers alike to achieve the goal of better utilization of sustainable or renewable materials.

Biodegradable &/or Sustainable Packaging

Why the big move to Biodegradable &/or Sustainable Packaging?

Well, there’s an undeniable shift underway in the world of packaging. The global packaging industry is facing mounting economic pressures to reduce non-renewable waste, as more and more nations move to limit the commercial use of oil-based products. America is no exception, and the ‘hot-button’ action today is to focus on this emerging market for ‘socially responsible’ packaging.

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