Clysar, LLC: Printed polyolefin shrink film replaces paperboard trays, sleeves

Clysar polyolefin shrink film from Bemis Clysar is a premium-quality, single-source polyolefin shrink film printed with high-impact, 360-degree graphics for multi-packs and bundled items that saves packaging material and cost.

Pw 39263 Wipes Canister Image

Strong enough to replace wrapped paperboard trays or paperboard sleeves, Clysar delivers a production-friendly, sustainable solution to traditional multi-pack formats. Designed for a wide range of multi-packs and bundled goods including juice minis, wipes canisters, personal care products, automotive supplies and promotional “buy one, get one free” products.

To reduce the unique set of challenges of printing polyolefin shrink film, Clysar provides a single-source, managed process to help brands maneuver the intricacies of designing, printing and packaging multi-packs in printed shrink film.  Multi-pack operations can be fully automated, eliminating the hand assembly and slow speeds of many traditional packaging operations. Replacing traditional multi-component tray, film and label packaging with printed shrink film is said to save up to 69% in material and offers sustainability improvements throughout the package’s life.

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